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Belarus is often called a land of blue lakes. And really, over 4 percent of the territory of the country is covered with lakes. About 1/3 of the land area of Belarus is covered with mixed and evergreen forests. An integral part of Belarusian landscape are bogs, they cover about 13 percent of the territory, and have a great climatic and hydrogeological importance. The principal rivers are Dnieper, Western Dvina, Pripyat and Neman. Belarus is rich in ground mineral water and healing mud. A favourable climate is specific for Belarus - moderately-continental, humid, the average temperature in January is -6°C, in July - +18°C, the annual precipitation rate is 550-700 mm. Such wealth of nature of Belarus is attracting tourists from abroad, and is in permanent demand in citizens of the Republic. The state is taking care about protecting the landscapes of the country. For this purpose 4 National Parks have been opened in Belarus: "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", "Narochansky" "Braslavskiye Ozera" and "Berezinsky", as well as other reserve territories included into the system of tourism. Belarus is prominent for its cultural and historical heritage and favourable transport and geographical position in the middle of tourist routes between Western Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and Asia. On the territory of the Republic of Belarus there is the town of Novogrudok, the capital of Great Princedom of Lithuania, palaces and castles of richest magnates of Rzech Pospolita and Russian Empire, ancient monasteries and temples, in many towns districts preserved with valuable monuments of architecture, history and culture. They are the Sofia Cathedral and Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church in Grodno, church in the village of Synkovichi, castles in Krove, Nesvizh, Mir, ensemble of Nikolsky monastery in Mogilev, and many others. Belarus has history in common with Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. This is the birthplace of F. Skoryna, P. Mstislavets, T. Kostyushko, A. Mitskevich, M. Oginsky, E. Ozheshko, places related to creative work of A. Pushkin, F Dostoyevsky, I. Repin, M. Chagal, and other prominent figures of culture of Belarus and neighbouring peoples. The Republic has multiple possibilities to accommodate foreign visitors. Fourteen tourist hotels, nine tourist bases and camping, a network of restaurants and cafes with various kitchen are ready to accept and serve the guests. For disposal of tourists there is the Theater of Opera and Ballet, Theater of Musical Comedy, Philharmonic Society, the Belarusian State Circus. Besides, high-level services are available for foreign tourists: from hunting tours to topical excursions. Over 550 enterprises and organizations in the Republic go in for tourism. The major of them are: NTK "Belinturist" (tel.: 26-07-93, 26-98-40), RTEPO "Belarusturist" (tel.: 23-26-94, 26-94-85), ZAO "Belorusski Sputnik" (tel.: 22-34-82, 22-37-47), ZAO "Alatan-tur" (tel.: 29-32-61, 76-84-22), GTTP "Dor-tur" (tel.: 96-39-63, 22-30-13). The state body to regulate tourist and excursion activities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus is the Ministry of Sports and Tourism (220600, Minsk, No. 8-2 Kirova St.), tel.: 20-46-82, 26-06-89, fax: 27-76-22.

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